When farmers were poor, they didn’t buy wheat

Pero Schilter was in his mid-70s when his family had to move to a farm in the southern part of India.After spending more than 50 years working in the fields, he was ready to retire and start a family.“We had a lot of money in the bank.We were living on a farm,” he says.“My parents […]

How to make a dairy farm look like a family farm

The Farm Bureau has issued a warning about people who might think they are doing a good job of caring for their cows, even when it comes to raising dairy animals.In a recent report, the bureau said the dairy industry is losing more than 1.3 million cows every year and that many dairy farms are […]

What you need to know about the new, big family farms that are popping up in Virginia

By the time the sun rises on this fall, most of the people in the country’s largest state will have moved to Florida or Georgia.The vast majority of the new farm-to-table eateries that opened this year in Virginia are family farms.And the Virginia Farm Bureau is helping people find them.“The most common questions we get […]

How to Get The Most Out Of This New ‘Farm’ Game From Ubisoft

This week, Ubisoft has finally given us a look at the newest entry in their “Farm” series.The latest entry in the series, titled “Farm,” was released earlier this year.The game’s premise is simple.You are a farmer, in a small farm in the countryside.You and your family are attempting to raise cattle for meat and eggs.The […]

Grants family farms to become #1 family farm in country

The Grants family farm near Salisbury, West Virginia, is now the country’s #1.The family’s family-owned family-run farm, which is one of the most sought-after in the country, is in the top 25 for the second consecutive year.A family farm and family business, the Grants have been the nation’s first family farm to earn a top […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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