Chickens on a ranch for a dollar a day: Chickens at a farm for $2.25 a day

When the weather warms up and we get to the end of our summer, I like to keep a few chickens on the ranch, because that way they can spend the winter.I get a lot of people asking me if they can get a Chickens On A Ranch.It’s just a little ranch where I can […]

How to get to Kendall Family Farm: ‘It’s not for us’

As the country’s oldest family farm and an established brand, Kendall Family Farms is home to some of the countrys oldest and most iconic farm animals, including the black bear and the red fox.The family is currently working on reviving its namesake business and is looking to raise funds to build a bigger barn to […]

How to tell if a new breed of farm animal is gaytan: A guide

Farm animals often display signs of gaytan, which is a rare disorder in domestic dogs.The signs include a short, flat nose and a curved snout.It’s also difficult to tell from a distance, because gaytan often resembles an animal with a large head, long legs and a narrow, pointed nose.The breeders who specialize in gaytan dogs […]

How to get your kids into the world of horse racing

It’s been said that horse racing is a perfect match for parents.But when it comes to a young family, horses can really help.Read moreAdelaide’s top-rated racing team, Hux Family Farm, is a family farm in south-west Adelaide that has produced horses for more than 50 years.Hux is the second oldest family farm behind the famed […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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