How to make the perfect pest-control dinner at Critzer Family Farm (India)

In India, Critzer family farms produce a range of delicious dishes such as curries, fried chicken and rice, as well as vegetables and fruits.They also produce a wide variety of household goods such as paper bags, blankets, rugs and cushions.Critzer’s founder, Arundhati Critzer, is credited with developing a recipe for the first Indian meal which […]

How to Make a Family Farm in the Drought-Proof Winter (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This year’s Oregon family farm season is winding down and there’s plenty of reason to look forward to it.Stensland Family Farms, located in Stensland, Oregon, is gearing up to offer its seasonal farm sale.It will run from March 19-23 and feature a variety of different produce, from the popular “southern redneck” to the more exotic […]

Why the Queensland Ambrose family has become a family farm with a strong commitment to farming

Family fun farm Ambrose’s family farms have become a household name for Queenslanders thanks to the family’s love of family and their love of farm animals.Key points:The Ambroses have been involved in farm raising for more than 40 years, but are now turning to the cattle industryAfter years of raising cattle on the farm, Ambrose […]

‘We’re going to win the War on Christmas’

“I think the president was very, very, much on the same page,” said Goodman, a retired Army officer who lives in Virginia.“The president, like the first president, has to make it clear that we are not going to have a war on Christmas, and he did.And that’s the way it is going to be.”Goodman was […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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