I just discovered a new food blog in my feed!

The post, “I just discovered this food blog,” was a simple one, featuring a series of photos of corn, cornstarch, and corn.There was no introduction, and the caption read “We’ll eat it.”It’s a great example of how food blogging is not only about sharing the recipes, but also the community behind the recipes.The posts are […]

Aussie farmers are among the country’s top farm workers

The Australian agriculture industry is awash with farm workers, many of whom are employed in Australia’s vast rural regions.In fact, the agriculture industry employs more people in Australia than the rest of the economy combined, according to a new report by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The report, A New Australia, shows that the […]

Horse farm owner accused of animal cruelty, neglect, child abuse

A horse farm owner has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after authorities say he neglected and abused horses at his home in the Houston suburb of Hammelton.Authorities said they were called to the Hammelan family farm on Wednesday to investigate a complaint from a neighbor that a horse was left on the property […]

Why Darrin Coning is the best farmer in America

When you think of Darrina Coning, the farmer that everyone’s talking about, the picture is of a woman with a small farm in upstate New York who has the right idea for how to grow a farm.Coning’s family is the oldest in the area and has been farming for generations, starting with her father, James […]

Why you should be investing in fabrics for your family farm

The family farm of Duncan, Nebraska, owner Scott Johnson, is one of the country’s biggest.Mr. Johnson’s family started farming the farm at age 13, in the 1960s.The farm produces about 4 million pounds of hay each year, which is enough to feed about 80,000 people.Mr, Johnson, who owns a small business called Johnson Farms, is […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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