How to avoid corn, wheat and soybeans being exported

Farmers in rural parts of Brazil are warning they will be left in debt if the country doesn’t move quickly to curb the corn, soybeans and wheat exports.The country is exporting more than $100bn worth of grain, mostly from the southern state of Bahia.The US and Europe are also sending grain to Brazil and importing […]

How to tell if a new breed of farm animal is gaytan: A guide

Farm animals often display signs of gaytan, which is a rare disorder in domestic dogs.The signs include a short, flat nose and a curved snout.It’s also difficult to tell from a distance, because gaytan often resembles an animal with a large head, long legs and a narrow, pointed nose.The breeders who specialize in gaytan dogs […]

Why Darrin Coning is the best farmer in America

When you think of Darrina Coning, the farmer that everyone’s talking about, the picture is of a woman with a small farm in upstate New York who has the right idea for how to grow a farm.Coning’s family is the oldest in the area and has been farming for generations, starting with her father, James […]

Why Republicans can’t support Trump’s trade bill: The GOP doesn’t want it and it’s not going to be on the agenda

The Trump administration’s proposed trade deal with South Korea is dead, but it’s still the subject of heated debate in the Republican Party.The House on Wednesday passed a revised version of the deal that would have cut tariffs on Chinese goods, reduced tariffs on American goods and allowed U.S. firms to import Chinese goods.House Republicans […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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