‘Birds of a feather’ – The ‘morris’ family farm in north-west Queensland

An Aboriginal community in the south-west of Queensland has been left devastated by a massive bird of a bird strike.The birds, which were believed to have landed on Morris Farm in the last few days, caused widespread disruption to the local community.“It’s pretty devastating,” Morris farmer Jim Morris told the ABC.“We have had quite a […]

How the Schilter Family Farm lost $1M in 2014

On Friday, the Schilkers sold the farm, which they had owned since 1996, to a private equity firm that also owns the ranch, for $1.9 million.The sale is the latest in a string of distressed farm deals for the family that include the Schilders’ sale of their small California farm to a local developer for […]

What’s the difference between a farmer and a brook?

It’s not easy to get an idea of where a farm is located or what it might look like from the outside.And it’s often a case of asking around, trying to get some good information, and then asking yourself, “What are the options available to me?”.We’re not here to tell you which option is best, […]

The new breed of farm animals: Pearson Family Farms’ Pearson Farms farm is the first of its kind

Pearson’s family farm has been growing animals for more than 80 years.But the new breed has been developed to work in a climate-controlled environment.The new farm animal is the farm’s first and only piglet.The piglet, named Pearson, will be on the farm this fall.The Pearson family is part of a national network of farm animal […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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