Which farm is the worst for its workers?

The Wilcox family farm in the town of Waughton, in the Staffordshire region, is an obvious candidate for the worst workplace in the UK.Its 40 staff and 10 staff-owners are paid less than the minimum wage of £6.30 per hour.However, the company’s owner, Mr Wilcox, insists the pay is “fair and competitive” and that the […]

Aussie farmers are among the country’s top farm workers

The Australian agriculture industry is awash with farm workers, many of whom are employed in Australia’s vast rural regions.In fact, the agriculture industry employs more people in Australia than the rest of the economy combined, according to a new report by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The report, A New Australia, shows that the […]

Why you shouldn’t be a farm manager, said the new head of the federal Department of Agriculture, when it comes to the family farms

A family farm manager is someone who helps farmers with marketing and customer service issues and also manages their dairy operations, says the new Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.He’s been an avid advocate for family farms for decades.In his first public speech, in April, he called them “important to the American economy,” saying that farmers “are […]

The real reason we’re obsessed with dairy farming, and why the dairy industry is killing the dairy family

As much as I love dairy, I also love farming.That’s why I spent a good chunk of the past year obsessing over the world’s best dairy farms, and then, when it was time to put the farm back into action, I decided to take a look at the truth about farming and how we got […]

How to tell if a new breed of farm animal is gaytan: A guide

Farm animals often display signs of gaytan, which is a rare disorder in domestic dogs.The signs include a short, flat nose and a curved snout.It’s also difficult to tell from a distance, because gaytan often resembles an animal with a large head, long legs and a narrow, pointed nose.The breeders who specialize in gaytan dogs […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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