Canada, US to cut $1 billion in beef imports

Canada and the US are set to sign an agreement to cut more than $1.3 billion in meat imports over the next two years.

Canada is expected to reduce exports by about a quarter and import beef by about $1 million.

But US President Donald Trump has already made it clear that he will not sign the agreement, and the Canadian and US governments are hoping that the deal will still be signed.

“This is a very big deal, and we are very excited about this,” said Greg Mackenzie, the executive vice-president of the United States Meat Export Council, which represents the US meat industry.

The deal is expected not only to reduce the amount of meat exported to the US, but also to lower the prices of beef in the country, which already has the lowest beef prices in the world.

But the deal is also expected to cut into the Canadian beef market.

“The US meat trade with Canada is going to be a lot smaller and it’s going to have a lot more of a impact on the Canadian market,” said Dan Zalts, president of Zalting & Co. “It will reduce our beef imports by a quarter, which is not the most important thing, but it will reduce the cost of our products to our consumers.”

The US beef trade deficit was $5.7 billion last year, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture.

The US meat and poultry industry has also been hit hard by the loss of jobs in the agricultural sector and the Trump administration’s proposed border wall.

The price of meat, which accounts for roughly 70 per cent of Canada’s economy, has been falling steadily for decades.

The latest figures from the Canadian Meat Institute show that the Canadian dollar has lost more than half of its value since the start of the year.

Beef exports were down by about 1.2 per cent last year.

The meat industry has been hit particularly hard by an increasing number of U.S. beef imports.

The number of US beef imports in the last five years has risen by a staggering 10 per cent, to $17.3 million.

The country imported more than 100 million pounds of beef last year from Mexico, and its beef exports fell by about 6 per cent from $17 million to $11.6 million.

Canada’s beef imports have been growing rapidly in recent years, but some analysts argue that the Trump deal could help the Canadian industry.

“We are going to see a big reduction in our beef trade deficits, and it could actually help our beef industry,” said Rick Harnish, the president and chief executive of Canada Beef.

“When the trade imbalance was high, the industry saw a lot of trade protectionism, and now we’re in a situation where we can have that trade gap reduced significantly.”

The agreement also calls for Canada to continue to provide the US with “significant” market access, including through beef futures and beef exporters, as well as “competitively subsidizing Canadian producers”.

The meat exports from the two countries will be subject to the same tariffs that apply to Canadian beef.

The beef industry, meanwhile, is hoping that this deal will help its industry.

It has been pushing the Trudeau government to increase its exports to the United State, but the government has not budged on the issue.

“I think we’re going to get some good results,” said Michael Nadeau, a senior vice-chair of the Canadian Beef Association.

“Our beef market is not as good as we would like it to be, but I think this will help Canada.”

The Canadian Beef Council says that the meat industry is confident that the agreement will reduce US beef prices and improve Canadian supply.

“In the past, the US has tried to force Canada to take a stand with them on issues of trade and beef,” said Robyn McBride, the council’s chief executive.

“But the Trudeau administration has listened and is moving forward with the agreement and we expect to see some significant reductions.”

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