What the farmer thinks of the farm that’s bringing him to the brink of extinction

“You know, it was a tough decision to leave my farm,” said John Batista, the owner of the family farm in southern New Mexico, but it was also a decision that was “the right one.”

“It was a difficult decision, but you know, we’ve got to have our farm and the people in the valley who are supporting us,” he said.

The Batistas have owned the farm for 50 years and are planning to build a new one to house about 50 families who live there.

But the drought has made their lives tough, and they’ve been forced to cut back on food.

They also have a new goat, a young bull terrier, a new donkey, a few horses and some cows.

The drought has forced them to sell the family’s sheep, goats, chickens and chickens to pay for repairs and other needs.

“It’s a tough situation,” Mr. Batista said.

“But I can tell you we’re getting closer.

I don’t think we’re far from it.”

The drought in New Mexico has left farmers struggling to make ends meet.

In January, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture reported that the state lost $2.5 billion in agricultural revenue, or about $12 per person.

That figure does not include the state’s $6.5 million in crop loss that the drought had already inflicted.

Mr. Catista said the drought could be the “biggest disaster in the state for decades.”

But farmers are still struggling.

The number of farmers in New York has declined more than 40% since 2008, the most recent year for which there are statistics.

The decline in farmers is especially acute in the western part of the state.

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, in the mid-1990s, farmers in western New Mexico accounted for almost 70% of the nation’s farms.

Today, that number is about 24%, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

New Mexico is home to about 50% of all farms in the U, but that number dropped by more than 50% between 2008 and 2013, the latest year for data from USDA.

And it’s shrinking even faster in the South. According

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