‘I’m not scared’: A father of three who lost his job after raising his son to fight for freedom

A father-of-three whose son was arrested for the murder of a teacher and his wife has told how he feels ‘really sad’ about losing his job and has called for an end to the country’s ‘mass incarceration’ system. 

Krishna Mankad, 33, who runs a farm in Kerala’s Bikaner district, was charged with the killing of teacher Keshav Makandaryan, who was shot in his house, after he accused him of trying to kill him. 

Mr Mankad’s son Keshavan, 23, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 and was freed in 2017.

He said: ‘My son’s family has been fighting for the freedom of my family for years. 

‘My son is not scared to die.

He’s a very good kid. 

He’s always done well in school and he has a very strong character. 

I feel very sad. 

The system here is killing my family.’

Mr Mankav’s wife, Gopalakrishna, and son, Arvind, 23 , are also members of the same family.

Mr Mekad is currently serving life imprisonment for the crime. 

“I don’t understand why my son is being arrested for a crime that no one would have even suspected if the police had arrested him.

He is not the type of person who would have killed someone because of their religion. 

When I see that police are arresting my son for the killing, I think of all the other victims of police brutality that have gone to prison. 

This is a disgrace.

We must stop the system and the police from killing our families,” Mr Mankaad said. 

In 2015, he was charged after the killing and was granted bail. 

But in 2018, he had to return to prison after his son was sentenced for his alleged involvement in the murder. 

During the trial, the court ruled that the killing was not a hate crime, but instead an act of revenge. 

On the night of the killing he had gone to pick up his son from school, but when he returned home, he found his wife and son had been shot. 

Arvind Mekad’s lawyer, Sanjay Dutta, said: “Arvind is the first to admit that the murder was a planned crime.

The police are making the same argument that they made to the court. 

They are making a false case to prove they are doing the right thing. 

We have a lot of anger, but also a lot sympathy. 

People have suffered in this country, but now we must stop this system and take action. 

If the system is not changed, I don’t know what will happen.” 

Kerala has more than 200 death row prisoners and the death penalty has been reinstated in the state.

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