When is the next big thing on our plates?

A new report says it’s a little early to say what the next major food category will be.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its 2017 “Food Supply Chain Report” that the market is now at a point where new foods can be developed to meet demand for older foods and other food-stuffs.

The report is expected to be released on Monday, but a few key points will come out in it.

It said that by 2025, the amount of food produced will rise by 25%.

It also forecast that global food demand will grow by 7.3% annually, compared with 6.6% in 2025.

The report said the average food price per kilogram of food in the US has risen by 2.6%, compared with 1.8% for the OECD.

The USDA also said that in the past few years, the number of farms producing the food that consumers want has increased from 2.5 million to 2.9 million, with the majority of those farms in the Northeast.

And the number is growing more slowly in California.

There are two types of food: those that are consumed on a regular basis and those that have been refined to make them cheaper.

The US has had an abundance of both, the USDA said.

But it said that between now and 2025, it expects that the percentage of people who have access to fresh produce will decrease from 30% to 10%.

It’s a gradual decrease, as consumers are able to purchase more locally grown produce, and prices for those produce are also declining.

The food supply chain also predicts that the number and quality of food that people eat will increase by 10% by 2025.

But there is a big caveat with the report.

It says that because the US food supply is so concentrated, the government will need to invest in infrastructure to help people find more nutritious food.

The USDA said that if it doesn’t get the funds to do that, it may end up having to do more.

It added that if there are less healthy options, people might not want to buy them.

In addition, the report says that the government’s current food policy is insufficient, and that it needs to make more investments in improving nutrition.

The authors of the report said that the focus should be on promoting healthier foods and reducing food waste, but they also warned that more investments could help keep the US healthier for longer.

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