Family affair farm’s business under fire after the death of owner

Family affair farmers and members of their families have criticised a property in north Queensland for not complying with its environmental assessment.

Key points:A spokesman for the ABC says the land is owned by the Bates family and the farm has been assessed as being in the “highest risk category” by the Bureau of Meteorology.

“The Bates are not able to continue farming the land on the basis it is in the highest risk category,” he said.

“In our view the land should be assessed in the ‘high risk’ category, rather than the ‘low risk’ which is where it currently is.”

There is no reason why the Bate family should have to carry out this assessment at this time, and we will not be pursuing this matter further.

“Farmers from the Batedales area say they are disappointed by the decision to remove the fence around their property.

The Batedale property is owned and managed by the Agence Bled, which also owns the Bats farm in Wilsons Creek.

Bates said his family farm would be able to keep on farming until their licence expires in 2021, but there is no longer a fence around the property.”

We will not get rid of the fence and we won’t be selling the land,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

I’ve had to put a fence up because of the high risk level of the property and there is a huge amount of work that has to be done to keep it safe.

“It’s the lowest risk of all the properties in the Batery.”

Mr Bates said it was disappointing that a private owner was not able “to manage the farm in a way that would be acceptable to the environment”.

“I have no doubt that there are people who are concerned that they will have to sell the property, but I think the farmers will have a positive outlook on it,” he added.

“That’s the way the world is.”‘

We have to keep working to preserve the farm and the environment’Mr Batedal told the ABC that he was disappointed that the Batterys farm would not be assessed as “high risk” because he believed it would be “safe” to continue to farm.

“They’re very aware of what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it for generations,” he explained.

“But they’ve also got to keep the integrity of the farm.

We’ve got to have some integrity in the land.”

Farm owner’s family in Wills Creek area’A spokesperson for the Agency Bled said they had not yet received a formal complaint about the property from the owners of the Baites.

The ABC understands that the farm is owned jointly by the owners and a group of friends who also work as farm workers.

The spokesman said the Agencies assessment process was “based on information received by the Land Environment Agency”.

“The Agencies decision to not assess the Bases property on the highest ‘risk’ is not based on an assessment by a third party, but based on the information received from the Land Environmental Agency,” the spokesperson said.

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