What we know about the bekemeyer brothers farm in Oregon

The Oregonian/OregonLive has learned that the bekes family has been a family farm since 1885.

The Bekemeyer Brothers’ family has operated a farm in the area since the 1880s, and they have operated a number of different farms in the region.

Their farm in Orem is located about 100 miles northwest of Portland.

The family has owned the farm since the 1920s.

Their property includes the family farm and many surrounding properties, and the Bekemies have been involved in various land management and conservation efforts.

One of the many projects the family has done is to maintain and restore wetlands on the Belekemeyer property.

In 2015, the Bekes Brothers restored a portion of the Beleymies property to make way for the construction of the Oregon River Crossing.

In 2016, the family opened a small dairy on their property, which is located next to the Bebeys’ farm.

The dairy is operated by the Beheys and their son-in-law, Kevin Miller, who is also the CEO of the dairy and owns several other farms in Oregon.

In 2018, the brothers opened a large family farm near the intersection of the Beaver and Columbia rivers in Bannockburn.

This farm is known as Bebe Mae Mae, and is owned by Kevin Miller.

In 2017, the property was sold to an individual who has since been the president of the Bannocks.

A number of other farms have been purchased over the years by Kevin and Bekeme.

Kevin Miller said he plans to continue operating the Becemies’ farm and the Bleecker River and other properties that are in the vicinity.

The farm’s past owners have had to work to maintain the farm, including by maintaining the river’s current flows and maintaining the surrounding land.

Kevin said the Beveemys’ land was in need of a new road.

In the 1990s, the riverbed was covered with debris and weeds that made it difficult for the Begeemys to use the property as a farm, Kevin said.

He also said that during the last few years, the owners of the property have worked to maintain a number or the river as a public use, including the recreation of the river, as well as a nearby park.

He said the property has not been used as a private fishing area or boating site.

The property has also been used for other purposes, including as a golf course.

“There is a lot of history there,” Kevin said, noting that the Beeseems are members of the Yuba Valley Water Commission.

Kevin has a number people who have worked on the property, including water quality specialists and geologists.

He explained that the property is part of the Columbia River Basin, which was developed by the federal government and is connected to the Columbia and Columbia River, or Columbia and Cascade Rivers.

“It is the river that is the connection to the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the world,” he said.

“The river is part the land that is part this land.”

Kevin said that the current owners of Bebe’s property have decided to put up the property for sale and that they will be offering it to interested buyers.

Kevin and Kevin Miller also said they have plans to use some of the land as an outdoor recreation area.

They plan to install a picnic table on the riverbank and a slide for people to use as a picnic area, Kevin added.

Kevin also said he hopes to have the property cleaned up to improve the river.

The river will have a few miles of new path over the next several years.

He and Bebe have plans for improvements, such as planting a pond and restoring a pond that is on the Columbia, which has a history of being polluted with sewage and other waste.

“We want to have it cleaned up,” Kevin Miller explained.

“Our goal is to restore the river to its original condition.”

The Bebeemies are the first to tell me that they are not involved in the construction or maintenance of the project.

“They are just trying to keep it clean,” Kevin added with a laugh.

“If the river goes away, we are not going to go.

We are going to be OK.”

Bebe and Kevin say they hope the project will help restore the Columbia to its natural state, which the river is.

They also said the project would be a positive thing for the area and their neighbors.

“Hopefully, we can have some sort of tourism that is positive for our community,” Kevin Bebe said.

Bebe Bebe is a writer and a freelance writer.

She is based in Oregon and can be reached at [email protected]

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