Family farms: What you need to know about them

The Sauer family farm in southern Wisconsin was once a thriving family business.

But in the late 1980s, as the country’s dairy industry became saturated with milk, the Sauer’s couldn’t find buyers to sell their product, and their farm, which had grown into a family-run business, was in shambles.

So in 2003, after more than a decade of struggling, the family decided to take their farm into receivership.

The Sauer Farm and Dairy, located on the family’s farm in South Madison, Wisconsin, was one of four family farms in Wisconsin to be sold off under a law enacted in 2007.

The law called for a $100 million settlement, which the Sauers, now 70, are hoping will help the family save money in the long run.

The $100 billion settlement is not the largest in the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court approved a $250 billion settlement in 2011, but the Supreme Court’s ruling was not unanimous.

The case is still pending.

The Saures hope the $100bn will allow them to reopen their family farm and keep it running for the long haul.

“It’s going to give us a lot of money, which will enable us to stay here in Wisconsin, stay close to our kids, stay in our home, our business,” said Bill Sauer, Bill’s son.

The family owns a large ranch in southern Minnesota.

The farm also provides work for the Sauter family.

The family’s history dates back more than 200 years, but it was the Great Depression that changed everything.

In 1935, the American Farm Bureau Association (AFBA) was formed to fight for American farmers.

The AFBA was created to provide support for farmers by helping them get credit, land, loans and other financial help.

The organization was founded in response to the depression and to promote economic stability and job creation.

The first AFBA meeting was held in Detroit in 1929.

Bill Sauer was the president of the association.

He joined the Sausers when they were selling their farm in 2002.

They sold it, and now the Saurys own the farm.

The farmers’ family had a farm in rural Minnesota that had been a family business for more than 100 years.

In fact, they were the first to open their farm to dairy cows, and it was a family farm.

They bought it in 1963.

But the family couldn’t make it profitable and couldn’t sell their farm.

Bill Sauser and his wife, Nancy, decided to open a dairy farm to make a living.

The couple opened the Sauner Farm in 1984 and it has been an amazing success.

Bill says that after a year of operating the Saurus Dairy, the herd at the farm has doubled in size and they have more than doubled their milk production.

“We had some of the best calves that we’ve ever had,” he said.

Bill is now 95 years old and he still has the Sursers farm to run.

He said he has grown accustomed to the farm and the family and is grateful to the AFBA for helping them.

The American Farm Bureaus, which was formed in 1933, was designed to help farmers and ranchers survive the Great Crash.

The bill that created the AFBAs first mandate was passed in 1930, and Congress set aside $100,000 to help farms through the Depression.

The AFBA also had a $25 million loan program, which helped dairy farms like the Soursers and Sauer families.

The program was a disaster in the Great Recession.

The federal government shut down the program and the farmers were left without any support.

The farm’s current financial situation is not as dire as some of its competitors, but Bill and Nancy Sauer are hoping that the $90 billion settlement will help them keep the farm afloat.

They are still hoping that they can sell the farm so that they don’t have to go bankrupt.

They hope the AFBBAs loan program will help save the family farm by keeping it afloat.

The money that was set aside in the Sauseys loan program is going to help pay for the farm, Bill said.

“It’s not going to be enough to run this farm.

I know that,” he told ABC News.

But he hopes that it will help keep the Sales family running in the future.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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