Which states can you get to?

When it comes to farming, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

The National Organic Standards Association lists about 40 states and the District of Columbia, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and U.K. As of March, there were 4,817 organic farms in the United States, but a handful of states have passed laws making it illegal to grow the crops, such as Washington and Colorado.

But not everyone is convinced.

“The farmers are very vocal about wanting a little more protection,” said Lisa Goss, a certified organic farmer in Arizona who has been involved in the fight for organic certification.

“We feel like there are some pretty extreme regulations that are not in line with our own regulations.”

The new laws passed by the U.P.S., and are now being enforced, will not affect some of the country’s most famous organic farms, such.

The Arizona Farm Bureau, which is part of the organic movement, said it is working with the U., D.C., U.G., New Jersey and Vermont to “work together to ensure that our farmers are able to meet the standards and practices of organic certification.”

The groups say they are working to have all of their farmers comply with the new rules.

In addition, the Organic Consumers Association, the nation’s largest organic consumer advocacy group, said in a statement it is “working to get organic certified farmers to comply with these new laws and policies.”

“This is the next step in protecting our farmers from the worst of the new regulations and threats to our farmers’ future,” the group said.

The U.B.C. and the New Jersey Organic Consumers Alliance have been working on an extension of the New York State Organic Act to cover all New York and New Jersey organic farms and certify them as “Certified Organic,” the same as certified conventional or organic farms.

Both groups have also been working to pass laws that would make it easier for consumers to find out more about their farms and what they can grow.

The groups are also working to ensure the new laws do not have a chilling effect on the growth of the growing organic movement.

“These laws will be very good for New York organic farmers, for New Jersey farmers, and for consumers,” said Kate Kelly, president of the Organic Farmers Association of New York, a state advocacy group.

“But we are also concerned about the new regulatory standards and that they will make it harder for the growing movement to grow.”

Goss is also working on a new effort to put pressure on the U, D.O., and UG. states to pass organic laws.

She said she has been contacting the governors of those states and has been getting some support from some local farmers.

“I have been talking to the governor’s office,” she said.

“They are very supportive.

I think it is good for the state of New Jersey, and good for us to be able to get a message out to New York farmers that we want a fair and transparent organic certification process.”

She also said the UG, D, and New York Organic Coalition is working to make it more difficult for farmers to get into the organic certification program, by using the “certified organic” label.

“A lot of farmers have been getting into the program because they want to grow organic,” Goss said.

Goss and Kelly agree that it is important for farmers in some states to get the certification, but they are not happy with the current rules.

“If you look at the regulations, it’s not clear that farmers are actually required to go through this process,” Kelly said.

And Goss also said she believes that many states have not followed up on the federal Organic Act.

“Some of the states are still waiting on the USDA to do this,” she told CBS News.

The Organic Consumers Coalition has been trying to pass a bill to get more information out about the certification process for farmers and their growing operations, but Kelly said the bill has not passed.

“There is not a lot we can do right now, but we are hoping that some states are going to pass some legislation,” Kelly added.

She also wants the Organic Farming Association to focus more on the state and local certification process.

“Organic certification is a great way to protect farmers from government regulations,” Kelly noted.

“It’s not a substitute for organic.”

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