How to avoid paying more for food in Australia

A family farming operation in New South Wales will be forced to move to a different part of the state as it struggles to make ends meet after it was hit by an extreme heatwave.

The Aussie Cattle Association said it had to turn to other ways of feeding its 40,000-strong herd of Angus cattle.

Key points:The ACA says it is struggling to make a living after the extreme heat hit its operationsThe AHA says it will be selling its surplus to pay for its operations to continueIt said the ACA will not be moving its operations out of the region as it had already agreed to move its operations into other parts of the countryA family farm in Sydney’s east will be moved to another part of New South Welsh, after being hit by extreme heat in August.

The cattle association said it would be selling off surplus to support its operations in South Australia, where it currently operates.

It said it was considering selling the remaining surplus to buy a farm in Western Australia.

The association said the move was necessary to ensure it could keep operating, while also keeping the business open.

“We are currently operating at a loss, and we will need to keep our operations open to support the operation and our staff, and it is our understanding that we will be able to do that,” ACA regional operations manager Ben Sullins said.

“The situation is not ideal but we have to make choices for the future.”

The AFA said it has been in contact with the South Australian Government to make the transition.

“As the AFA we want to make sure we are in the best possible position to support our operations, and our operations have been doing very well in the region and we are pleased to have the support of South Australia to continue to do so,” Mr Sullens said.

Mr Sullson said the SA Government had been working with the association to ensure that the operations could continue.

“Our priority at this time is to ensure our operations are operating in the state and to ensure we can continue to operate in the SA market and our farm,” he said.

The SA Government said it welcomed the association’s move.

“It is important that we support our small and rural communities to help maintain our industries and to continue providing good jobs to people across South Australia,” South Australian Agriculture Minister, Steve Robertson, said.


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