A family of goats on a ‘golden’ farm

A family who run a family-run goat farm in northern England are celebrating their “golden” year after starting the year with just £30 in their pocket.

In December, the couple who run the St. Andrew’s Goat Farm said they had spent £20,000 on their first year and said they are “finally getting back on our feet”.

The goats are raised on the family’s “Golden Farm”, which they built on their farm.

The farm has over 40 goats, some of which are licensed to be sold to slaughterhouses.

The goats on the farm have the same number of years as the rest of the herd and are sold at the same time each year.

Their first year was spent buying a tractor and installing a water filtration system on the property.

The family said they decided to invest in goats because “they can’t be slaughtered”.

“We have the most gorgeous goats in the world and we are a family business.

We don’t have a budget,” the couple told the BBC.

The St. Andrews Goat Farm in County Durham, England, which is owned by a family of goat farmers.

The goat farm has been the subject of a campaign on social media.

“It’s great to see such a big leap forward.

We can’t wait to see the next four years and what it will be like,” the family said in a statement.”

Our goats are so beautiful and they are so much more than what you see on TV.”

The St Andrews Goat Farmers Association said the money raised for the goat farm would help the family and the farmers “get back on their feet”.

“It is fantastic to see that all of the goats are getting the treatment that they deserve, the care and attention that they need,” a spokesman said.

“We are just delighted that our goats have reached their golden years and are on the road to recovery.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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