How to get a new home for your family in 2020

By 2020, we will be living in the new world of smart cities, said the report’s author, Aimee Smith.

That means we need to make smart decisions.

Here are five smart ideas for how to get that home built, according to the Next Big Futures report.


Invest in an underwater villa that is more energy efficient and affordable.

This type of home will get the best out of the island of Oahu and the surrounding area.

That includes the island’s unique climate and vegetation.

The average cost of an underwater home on Oahu is about $500,000, but it can be as little as $120,000.

That is the cost of a home that can be converted to a home in 2050.

“That is the price of a new villa for an average family of three,” Smith said.

A 2,500-square-foot underwater villas, which are more energy-efficient and affordable, will be available for $1,800,000 in 2020.

The report estimates that this will save an average homeowner more than $1 million a year.

It will also help people get their homes on time and on budget.

That may sound like a lot, but Smith said there are many more costs to the island, such as electricity, sewage and other environmental issues.

That could be a major problem if the state is looking to sell off land and other assets to help fund the project.

“We’re talking about $2 billion of land and water, plus thousands of trees,” she said.


Build a community garden.

In the past, many homeowners built their homes in their yards, Smith said, so they were often surrounded by plants and trees.

But now, the state will need to invest in the construction of a community green garden, she said, adding that that is also a way to help residents be environmentally conscious.

The project is expected to cost $2.2 million and is expected start in 2021.

“There will be green space for people to play in, so we’ll have a green space,” Smith explained.

The state will also be investing in a community-led design process to determine the best way to grow crops, and how to manage soil and plants.

“It’s about the planting of trees and the management of soil and what the plant needs to do to be able to thrive,” she added.


Build an outdoor living room for your kids.

This may seem like a simple idea, but the future of our homes is looking a lot more exciting with these new smart devices.

“If you can’t afford a home with your kids in it, then maybe this is the future for you,” Smith suggested.

A 3,000-square foot outdoor living space will cost $3,000 a month and includes a kitchen, dining room, and living room with a large, natural-colored pool.

“The thing that you really want to do is create a community living space where your kids can play, go swimming, play a little bit of video games, and watch some television and do some fun activities,” Smith added.

The living room will be set up with a refrigerator, microwave, and television.

The house will also have a fitness center, which will have a treadmill, weight room, an elliptical machine, a pool, and more.


Add an air purifier to your house.

There will be more than 10 air purifiers in the next few years that will save energy, and that will allow people to save money on air filters, Smith explained, adding they will save a lot of money over the next two decades.

They will be made by Panasonic and the U.S. Air Force, with the U in blue.

The technology that the companies are developing will allow the air purifying devices to be connected to the electricity grid and also be able be turned off at night.

A smart thermostat can be connected by using a remote control to turn it on and off.

“You can be in the house and not have to turn on the air conditioner at all,” Smith noted.

The smart thermoregulator can also be used in a bedroom, where the water will be heated to the proper temperature.


Install a window blind in your house so you can see outside.

Smith said that there are more than 100,000 smart devices that are available that can provide that extra visual privacy.

That’s a lot to keep track of, she added, adding, “You’re getting a lot less privacy than you were before.”

That’s because people are using their smart devices in many ways.

Some of them are social networking, but some of them, like shopping, are more personal.

That can be a challenge when it comes to getting the privacy you need.

The next Big Future report is expected in the coming months.

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