‘It’s been an emotional rollercoaster’: What it was like for the family farm after the tornado

A tornado ripped through a rural Oklahoma farmhouse and destroyed a family’s home on Tuesday, leaving behind an estimated $100,000 in damage.

The tornado ripped across the town of Bartlett, leaving the homes of 30 people homeless and left the entire area under a tree.

At least 10 people were killed and scores were injured.

“We had no idea we were going to have to put a roof on it, but it was a good experience,” said Todrick Brossman, who has lived on the farm since 1986.

The storm knocked down a gate and damaged several structures on the property, including the barn.

Brossman and his wife, who were working on a farm on the family’s property, are not expecting to return for another year.

He said he is working with a local contractor to get it rebuilt.

The family has been through a number of storms in recent years.

The storm that hit the Brossmans’ property on March 30, 2015 killed three people, including their father, and left his wife and two sons dead.

Brosman’s son and three grandchildren are still missing.

The Brossmen are not the only family in Bartlett affected by the tornado.

The tornado struck their home on March 29, 2018, and killed two people and injured three others.

“It’s just been an amazing experience,” Brossmann said.

“You just get to learn from every single step and take all the positives and just be grateful.”

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