How much will it cost to care for a Kuhar farm?

The family farm near the town of Kuhari is about to have a new owner.

The Kohars’ farm in the Kona National Forest has become the focus of an ambitious, long-running conservation effort that has paid off.

The family farms are a part of a unique habitat that provides habitat for birds, bats and reptiles.

The family has long been the target of a major predator attack, which has left it with less than 10 acres of habitat, including the Kohar’s traditional fields and a few ponds.

But this fall, the Kohars were awarded a $1.3 million grant from the National Wildlife Foundation to help restore the area to its natural state.

The Kuhars have been working to restore the habitat and restore the birds, which are now being fed and watered by the wildlife center, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation said in a news release.

Kuhari’s wildlife center director, Dr. David Kuhar, said the Kuharis were able to save the wildlife from extinction because they kept the animals in a controlled area.

“The bird population is in a better state now than it was before,” Kuhar said.

“It’s in a much better state than it’s ever been.”

He said the Kohas have been helping out the wildlife care center for years.

“They were very supportive, very cooperative,” Kuhr said.

The foundation also is working with the Koharis to help them find other conservation opportunities, including planting trees and restoring a river bank, which will eventually become a golf course.

The Kohar family said the grant was a big help.

“It means a lot to me, for our children and our grandchildren, to see this happen,” Kuhars said.

“We’re working to protect the wildlife that we love.

We want to protect our forests, our wildlife.”

The foundation is now in the process of helping the Kohams get the rest of their habitat restored.

The Kauhars said they are looking forward to spending the summer at the Kauhari Golf Course.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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