How the Bonacorsi Family Farm saved the world from global warming

The Bonacorsi family farm in northern Italy has been a lifeline for thousands of people since the 1980s.

But it’s also a major source of carbon emissions.

Now, the family farm is getting an unexpected boost as a part of a $2 million grant from the European Union.

The farm, owned by the family of the late Italian politician Giovanni Bonacinelli, has a population of about 30 people, and is considered one of Italy’s largest producers of dairy.

The Bonacorises have been a major force in the local agricultural sector for decades, which has played a big role in the country’s transition from a farming economy to a modern one.

In the late 1980s, the Bonaccorises were among the first to plant and harvest crops on the shores of Lake Garda, a major waterway in the Italian peninsula.

The family’s farm, which was founded in 1887, is an example of a successful rural economy that was able to remain in business after the Great Depression, and to thrive during the global economic crisis of the 1970s.

The Bonaccorsi are not the only farmers to have benefitted from this, however, as Italy has also been a center for agricultural development and climate change.

Today, the farm is a major contributor to the local environment, producing more than 100 million tonnes of milk a year and providing jobs for nearly 2,000 people, the BBC reports.

But its importance has not always been appreciated by its neighbours.

The area is currently under a two-year-old plan to relocate the farm to a new location, but many locals are still upset over the plan.

“The Bonaccori family has always lived in the mountains, but the land was bought by a private developer and they have been given the right to build on their land,” Francesca Bonaccorsi, one of the Bonacciors’ children, told the BBC.

“It is not the land that has been bought by the developer, but it’s the idea of the developers that’s damaging the area.”

In 2016, the government of the region of Bologna, which includes the Bonacs’ property, approved the relocation plan.

But some local residents are not happy with the move.

The plan, which is aimed at creating jobs for the region, has faced opposition from the region’s residents.

Many residents have complained about noise, pollution and land development.

The move has sparked fierce criticism from some local farmers, who say it will hurt the local economy.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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