The real reason we’re obsessed with dairy farming, and why the dairy industry is killing the dairy family

As much as I love dairy, I also love farming.

That’s why I spent a good chunk of the past year obsessing over the world’s best dairy farms, and then, when it was time to put the farm back into action, I decided to take a look at the truth about farming and how we got to where we are today.

But before we dive into that, I want to talk a little bit about what makes a dairy farm and how it’s been around for so long.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate how long the dairy business has been around.

As early as the mid-19th century, the dairy farming industry was being fueled by the demand for milk.

People in the midwest used to milk cows on pasture and sell the milk to wholesalers in the south, and the resulting profits could go into a variety of industries, from the manufacture of wool to meat to cheese to even alcohol.

The first farm to offer milk to the masses was one of the largest in America, located in nearby Winfield, Kentucky, and it operated for the better part of two decades before collapsing under the weight of the market.

That farm had a reputation for producing the finest milk in the world, and in fact, it was the first dairy in the United States to be named the “American Dairy Farmer” in 1873.

However, by 1874, dairy farming had largely plateaued and, as the market dried up, a number of new competitors had emerged, including one of America’s earliest manufacturers of dairy products, the Hershey Company.

The company that would eventually become Hershey’s, and its successor, the Philadelphia Company, both owned large dairy farms and were known for producing quality products that were often well-liked by consumers.

One of the biggest factors in the decline of dairy farming was the emergence of the cow in the late 1800s.

Cow breeds like the American bovid were introduced into Europe during this time and by the late 1850s, European consumers were buying more milk from farmers who were able to raise cows.

Dairy farming was in its infancy when it arrived in the US, but the first farms to produce milk from cows were founded by farmers who had the skills and knowledge to raise and sell milk to consumers.

The story of the first American dairy farm is a long one, and we’ll look at each of the farms in turn.

The American Dairy Farmer, 1876 This small dairy farm was located in the small town of Westover, Pennsylvania, and operated from 1876 to 1882.

While most of the farmers were able at this time to raise milk from animals, the most popular choice for milk was cow-dairy.

The dairy farm at Westover was known for its excellent quality milk, which was made from the milk of bulls, calves, and even cows.

The Westover farm was also a popular spot for farmers to have their own cattle.

The farmer who started the Westover Dairy Company in 1876 would go on to produce some of the most famous dairy products in the country, including milk from cattle.

While the Westovers milk was excellent, the company’s biggest competitor, the Pennsylvania-based Philadelphia Company had a bigger and better-known reputation.

The Philadelphia Company also made cow-milk and dairy products.

When the Pennsylvania dairy industry imploded in the 1870s, the Weston Dairy Company was left to fend for itself.

The market for dairy products dried up in the 1880s and the Westons farm collapsed in the 1890s.

The farmers who would eventually build the Westcott Company in Philadelphia would later become the largest dairy companies in the nation.

The Company was also the first to produce dairy products from cows, and, by the 1920s, Westcott had become one of our nation’s biggest dairy producers.

In 1924, the first Westcott product, cream cheese, was released.

The following year, a similar cream cheese was released, and by 1926, Westover had released its first cream cheese products.

Westover dairy products were still sold in grocery stores and dairy farmers would continue to purchase the Westopons products.

As time went on, more and more people started using the dairy products that Weston made, and they soon began making their own.

The popularity of the Westpons products would eventually give way to the popularity of cheese.

Cheese has been the most-produced dairy product in the U.S. since the introduction of the cheese-making process in the 17th century.

The cheese that was made in Westover in the early 1800s was very different from the cheeses that were made in other dairy farms in Pennsylvania.

While milk from a cow was the standard, cheese was made with cream.

As the cream cheese made from cow milk became more popular, producers began to produce cheese with the addition of eggs and butter.

The products were also often flavored with honey or spices to create a unique

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