How to help the Thomson family farm that is in need of a new tractor

A family farm in the county of Limerick is in crisis.

The Thomson family have been farming on the farm for over 100 years.

They are not happy with their farm equipment and have been trying to find a new farm.

A tractor that would have allowed them to continue farming on their farm has been sold to a company called Balfour Shoe.

However, the family have not received any of the proceeds from the sale.

“We are devastated because it has taken our livelihood away from us,” said Richard Thomson, one of the owners of the farm.

“I am just so shocked and I can’t believe we haven’t been able to get the money to fix the tractor,” he said.

Richard Thomson said the family is still struggling to make ends meet.

“It has taken my livelihood away.

I can only go through this with the support of my family,” he added.

The family have lived in Limerick for over a century, and are one of Ireland’s oldest and largest farmers.

Richard and his wife Sally have owned and operated the farm in Limington for nearly 100 years, but in the last decade it has become increasingly difficult for them to make a living.

“When we sold the farm it was because we were running out of money,” said Sally Thomson.

“The business was in disarray,” she said.

“Our family’s farm was in bad shape and we were looking at our savings and we didn’t have a lot of cash left to buy more land.”

She said she would not sell the farm now, but the Thomson’s have made the decision to sell their remaining land and put the proceeds towards their future farm.

Mr Thomson said that if the money does not come through, he will look for other land to buy.

“If there is no money coming in then we will go somewhere else,” he explained.

“Hopefully we can get a new tractor to fix it, and hopefully that will save us.”

It is hoped that if enough people donate to the Thomson Family Farm, the farm will be able to continue to operate.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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