Which MTV Song is the Most Ridiculous?

MTV’s hit music series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is currently in its fifth season, is not only a great source of nostalgia but also a good way to have some fun.

But it’s also been one of the show’s biggest and most controversial, and the showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, is calling out some of the song’s biggest critics.

“It was a lot of work and a lot to work on.

I think there’s been a lot wrong with it,” Gugger told MTV News.

“I think the fans are entitled to their opinion.”

The song’s lyrics have been controversial for a few reasons, but most of them stem from the fact that they are about turtles and turtles, a subject of much controversy in pop culture today.

The most recent example is the infamous lyrics: “They all came to be a little more real than they should be,” Gaggin said.

“When you get a song like that, I mean, you just feel like it’s coming from the people who actually went through the torture, not just a bunch of fans who think it’s cool.

It’s just not cool.”

Gaggenheim said he started writing the song with the goal of not having turtles on the show.

“We were talking about turtles, turtles, and turtles,” he said.

“‘Who cares if we got a turtle?’

They didn’t have to go through it, but they were there, and they were a part of it, and we wanted to have a little fun with that.”

Guggin said the writers were trying to make the song more topical and relatable, while also making sure the lyrics were a bit more explicit.

“They’re not trying to be like ‘Oh, turtles don’t exist,’ they’re not going to make it all about turtles,” Goggin said, “they’re just saying that turtles are real, and it’s not just that they exist in the real world.”

The episode featured an entire scene in which Guggehons daughter, who is now in college, explains to him that turtles actually exist.

“This is actually something that happened, and now I’m thinking about it and wondering if I should tell her,” he told MTV.

“But I think it’ll make for some really interesting stuff.

So yeah, turtles do exist.

But they’re really just people.

And there’s something really fun about a turtle, and I like that.”

He continued: “It’s like we’re trying to get back to a more authentic way of thinking, and a more relatable way of feeling about turtles.”

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