‘We’re all in this together’: Farm family farm owner talks about the loss of her farm

Farm family insurance will be covering more than 80 percent of losses, and rader family farm dave, who runs a family farm in central Florida, said her insurance will cover her losses even if she loses everything.

Davie and her husband, Mike, have been on the property since they bought it from their father in the 1950s.

But with the death of her mother in 2010, and the death in 2018 of her son, Rader, the farm now runs on a trust.

The family has been operating on the farm for 10 years, and Davie said she had to make the tough decision to sell the farm in 2018.

“We had been in this business for 30 years, but we were always told to look at the big picture and be a little cautious.

You’re going to have to make decisions,” she said.”

I was really hesitant about going to the end of my life and just sitting on the fence, but I think we’ve proven ourselves in the past, and it’s not going to be an issue for us.”

She said that the family had made sacrifices to survive.

“I’ve had my share of heartbreak and I’ve been through a lot,” she laughed.

“We’ve always had a good time and we’ll continue to have a good experience.”

The couple will not be losing their farm, but it’s their last.

“It’s not the way I wanted to end my life, but as we’ve said many times, we’ve had a lot of great times,” Mike Davies said.

“So I’m glad we can get this done.”

Rader Davys mother died when she was six, and Rader is now in the care of his aunt.

“He’s going to get some help in the future, and he’s going for a walk,” Davying said.

Rader’s mother died from an overdose of pain medication.

“She took her last dose when she died and the next day she woke up and she just had a bad headache and that was the last thing she did,” Mike said.

Mike said he would not be able to work on the farms any more, as he had to go back to school.

“That’s not my strength.

I’m going to go to school for another six months.

That’s all I’ve got,” he said.

The Davias have sold most of the family farm to help pay for the funeral expenses, and they’re now looking for more insurance.

“My whole life I’ve always said if you have something, buy it, and you’re not going anywhere, you have a right to sell,” Dave said.

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