What is the world’s oldest farm?

On this day in 1630, the first of the first large farmsteads was built on the coast of Scotland’s Bay of Islands.

This was followed by a number of others across Scotland, and the following year saw the construction of the new town of Perth, on the mainland.

The town’s development came at a time when Scotland’s population was still growing, but the population of mainland Scotland was also on the decline, and this prompted a demand for land to grow.

The arrival of the mariners in Scotland was one of the main factors in this growth.

By the middle of the 16th century, the island of Arran was home to a number different types of farms, each with their own special characteristics and ways of growing food.

Today, the majority of Scotland is still based on the traditional farming methods of horticulture, but in the past centuries, it also had a significant impact on Scotland’s environment.

This included the construction and maintenance of a number large cottages, the construction, maintenance and operation of large docks, and a number other major buildings.

One of the most important developments of this period was the development of a series of ‘small cottaging houses’, which were intended for the accommodation of small families.

Small cottagers were originally owned by small-scale families, but when large-scale owners bought their land in the 1660s and were able to move their properties into larger cottager properties, they were able, by creating ‘small estates’, to provide homes for the smaller families who were still living in the same place.

The development of the small cottaghers began in the 17th century and in the 18th century the number of cottage houses grew, but these houses were built for large families, and many of these were in the most difficult conditions.

These small cottage houses were not built for farming or for living, but were designed for the comfort of the family and their neighbours.

Some of the best-known of these cottags include the large family cottage at Cottamish, in Perthshire, which is one of three of the four original small cattaghers, the others being in the Isle of Glamorgan and in Cwmbran, Co. Louth.

In the 1820s, another small cattery, this one in the village of Wigram in the County Down, was completed.

It was designed for a single family and had four bedrooms, one of which was on a level with the ground floor, the rest being above the ground.

This structure, the Wigrams cottage, became known as the ‘Wigram cottage’ because it was the first built in this style in Scotland.

Another of the earliest cottaged houses in Scotland, built in 1837 by a local farmer, was the old St James’s Cottage.

Built in 1827 in St James’ Bay in St Andrews, this large and very expensive cottage was a model for the cottage-house style to be used throughout the early decades of the 20th century.

This house, which was designed by James MacCormack, was so big and so expensive that it took nearly 50 years for the estate to be sold.

Today there are some 150,000 people living in cottaggies in Scotland and in some parts of the country, this number is increasing.

The cottarges of Scotland have been used as a model of sustainable living for over 100 years, and in Scotland these are considered to be among the best examples of rural living.

This is despite the fact that they are built to withstand the elements, have watertight doors and a very low standard of living.

There are several reasons for this, the main one being that they have a built-in roof.

These are very strong, high-viscosity material, which makes it difficult for any sort of dust to get into the house.

This roof also helps to keep out the elements and water.

There is also an internal watertight system, which means that any moisture in the house does not get trapped in the walls and floors, and so it is very difficult for mould or water to grow on the walls or ceilings.

Another reason for the high standard of the cottage in Scotland is that it has an unusually wide open plan, so that you can get up to about a metre of sunlight in the space.

In fact, there is a huge difference between the cottage on the Isle and the cottage of the modern-day Perthshire village, where most of the building is within the boundary of the village.

This allows for an environment where you can actually grow food, even if you are not looking for it in the garden.

This type of cottage was originally constructed in the 14th century as a shelter for the homeless.

It is very large, very tall and very low-lying.

The roof of the house is made of large and heavy peat, and it is not easy to move around in this

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