FourFour Two: The Three families who own a dairy farm in Queensland

Two farmers, one farmer and one family farm have come together to save the sunflower industry.

Read more:Sunflower farmer Tom Howell is a major donor to Save the Sunflower Family Farms, a small family farm in Brisbane.

He is also the owner of a private dairy farm and has been working to save his own family’s business.

The family farm is one of four small family farms on the Gold Coast, but has been a mainstay in the industry since the 1950s.

Mr Howell said his grandfather, Tom Howells, had worked as a milkman on the farm, which he purchased from the local farmer.

“He died two years ago, and he came back here as a baby and bought a cow,” Mr Howells said.

“I always thought of him as my grandfather, but he passed away about 30 years ago.”

It was a really good family farm and it’s been a really hard one to save.

“My dad had been working in the dairy business in the 1930s and 40s and was retired and had to sell his house to get the farm started.”

We started farming about 15 years ago and have been trying to do it for the past 30 years.

“The farm is owned by Mr Howell’s parents, Tom and Ruth, who also run a small dairy in the area.”

There’s been some pretty tough times with the state of Queensland over the past couple of years, so it’s a little bit of a rollercoaster, but we’ve got a lot of people here and I think we’re doing alright,” Mr Whyells said of the farm.”

All of the people that work here, they come together, they share everything and we’re all working towards the same goal of getting it back on track.

“Our plan is to take over our dairy and sell it off.

We’re trying to make it a little more sustainable.”

Mr Howells is also donating a portion of the profits to Save The Sunflower family farmers.

He said he was also a supporter of Save the Sunshine Dairy, which is the only dairy farm on the Sunshine Coast that is still operating.

“You know, we’ve been able to get some milk in and sell the milk out, but it’s hard,” Mr Wayells said about the dairy farm.

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job, and I’m hoping we can sell some of the milk.

The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place, but you need a good dairy operation to grow your milk, and it will take a while.”

So I think the Sunshine Country dairy will be the only one going.

The Sunshine Valley dairy has been in operation since 1959, when the owners sold the business to an international dairy giant, Lidl, who turned it into a major tourist attraction. “

I just want to make sure I’m doing my bit to make the Sunshine Peninsula a really beautiful place.”

The Sunshine Valley dairy has been in operation since 1959, when the owners sold the business to an international dairy giant, Lidl, who turned it into a major tourist attraction.

But it has not had the financial backing it needs to survive and is not expected to be profitable again for several years.

“The business has been quite successful,” Mr Howell said.

He said the dairy was sold to a group of Australian and foreign investors in 2013 and that it had been running in a deficit for about a decade.

“A lot of the businesses that were bought by Lidls, they weren’t profitable,” he said.

It was quite a sad situation.” “

The business just didn’t make enough milk to keep going.

It was quite a sad situation.”

Mr Howell said it was hard to see the dairy’s closure, especially as it was a family-owned business.

“To see it go away would be really sad,” he thought.

Sunshine Coast dairy farmer Tom Howell says he hopes to see more dairy farms come to the Sunshine coast.

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