The ‘sykes’ family farms: Who owns the farm?

The family farm near the town of Sykes in eastern Alabama is a symbol of the diversity and prosperity that once made the area a thriving hub for cotton production.

But as the cotton industry has shrunk and as more than 90% of the U.S. cotton industry is based here, the Sykes family is in danger of losing a major source of income.

The Sykes farms are in the hands of a nonprofit organization that runs the land and owns most of the surrounding land.

But the organization has refused to release the name of the nonprofit that owns the land.

It has asked for the state’s permission to use the name “Sykes Family Farm,” a reference to the farm’s namesake, William Sykes.

A request to obtain the nonprofit’s name was denied on Wednesday.

But in an interview, Sykes said he hopes to get the nonprofit to release it name.

The nonprofit that holds the land also is asking for a fee, and Sykes says he is willing to pay it if it will help get his farm back to profitability.

The land is owned by the nonprofit Sykes Family Farms, a farm in Sykes, Ala.

(AP Photo/Daron Taylor)Sykes, whose family started the Syke family farm in 1878, said he wants the nonprofit “to have its name.”

He also said the nonprofit should be recognized by the state.

“I don’t want to pay to have my name and my name not be recognized,” Sykes told The Associated Press.

“That’s the last thing I want.

That’s why I’m asking for this.”

The Syke farm has about 4,500 acres, including the Sykins family’s own property.

The farm is owned and operated by the Syeks family farm.

The family says it has an annual income of $150,000 and pays rent on the farm to a nonprofit group.

But Sykes is asking the state to allow him to use his name for the nonprofit.

He says he can pay the nonprofit a fee of $1,000 a year to keep the nonprofit name.

Sykes also said that the nonprofit would be able to keep all of his land, even if he sells the farm.

“If we don’t have a way to pay our rent, we’ll just move to another property and we’ll continue to be a family farm,” Syke said.

“But if the state gives us a way, I would like to be able [to continue to use] my name.”

Sykes said the Sykens family has a business license to sell cotton.

He said he has never asked the nonprofit for permission to sell the farm, but he said he could sell the land to someone else who wants to use it.

“We’re the largest cotton growing family in the world,” Sylves said.

He added that the farm was once the biggest farm in the country.

“It’s the greatest farming operation in the history of the United States.”

Sylves said he was unaware of any legal problems with the nonprofit group that owns Sykes’ property.

But he said if the nonprofit doesn’t give him permission to keep his name, he may need to sell his farm.

“They are trying to take it over,” Syges said.

Sykes is in the process of writing a letter to the state, but said he doesn’t have the money to send it.

He did say that he was working on a petition to get a new name for Sykes Farm.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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