Gaskos Farm – the perfect gift for the holidays!

A family farm in the British Isles has developed an edible garden, which has become an instant hit on social media, with visitors visiting regularly to enjoy a delicious lunch of local produce.

Gaskons family farm, in the town of Gaskosh on the island of Great Britain, opened its doors in August 2016, offering traditional, organic, seasonal and local food to its customers.

The farm is also one of several in the UK that has been created in partnership with the local community.

“I grew up here and I’ve been working with local people in the local area and it was something I wanted to do,” Gaskon farm owner and former teacher James Gasko told Al Jazeera.

“When I was a little boy I always wanted to be a farmer and my father worked as a gardener at a farm in Gaskash, and I thought it would be a great way to give back.”

Gaskosi family farm manager Chris Gaski, who has a PhD in plant biology, explained that he had been growing plants in the garden since 2008.

He and his wife, Laura, began to plan for the future, which was a big challenge in the run-up to the wedding of their daughter, Caroline.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while, we’ve been planning for it for years and years and thought it was going to be pretty amazing,” he said.

The couple planned to plant a variety of crops including vegetables, herbs and fruit, and would use the land for grazing and for farming livestock.

“It’s a beautiful place,” said Gaskoni.

“You can see how far you’ve come.”

‘Truly special’ After years of work, Gaskakis family farm has finally opened its gates, in what they hope will become an enduring cultural and tourist attraction.

“To think that this is a family farm that you can actually see is something that is truly special,” said James Gasson, who was born in the island and has lived in Gasking for 20 years.

Gasso said he and his family have been visiting the farm regularly since it opened, with many of the visitors now being regulars. “

Everyone is very friendly and there are lots of people around, it feels like a small community and we are really proud of that.”

Gasso said he and his family have been visiting the farm regularly since it opened, with many of the visitors now being regulars.

“At the end of the day it’s about creating a really special experience,” he explained.

“People just love seeing us.”

The Gaskoks have also launched a Facebook page to help encourage people to visit and encourage them to get involved in the farming community.

As well as offering food, they are also encouraging people to join their group on Instagram and Facebook.

“This is really important to us, it helps us grow, it allows us to have a presence in our community,” Gassoni said.

“They’ve given us an amazing gift.

It’s amazing, and we’re very happy with that.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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