Grants family farms to become #1 family farm in country

The Grants family farm near Salisbury, West Virginia, is now the country’s #1.

The family’s family-owned family-run farm, which is one of the most sought-after in the country, is in the top 25 for the second consecutive year.

A family farm and family business, the Grants have been the nation’s first family farm to earn a top spot in The National Organic Standards Organization (NOS) Top Ten list since 1999, and the first family family farm with a top rank in the organization’s annual rankings since 2005. 

The family is a member of the West Virginia Organic Association and the West Virginian Organic Association.

The Grants are among the largest and most successful families in the nation with four of their five children, including three boys and two girls.

The Grants farm is a staple in the rural community of Salisbury.

The farming community has been known for years for its rich soil, good soil quality, and abundant hay.

A combination of good soil and abundant production, the Grant family is one that has thrived in the past decade. 

A key ingredient of the family’s success is the strong connection between the family and the soil.

The Grant family grows the family farm’s own crops on its land and shares the profits from the harvest.

The farm has become a symbol of the rural lifestyle in West Virginia and beyond. 

It was on the Grant farm that the Grants first began their agricultural endeavors.

The farmer, Bill Grant, has been in the family business since the 1930s and has been involved in the business since it was founded in 1935.

Bill Grant and his family own the Grant Family Farms.

The grant family’s farm is located just outside of Salingham, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of the city of Bristol.

Bill and his wife, Peggy, founded the family in 1938 when they purchased a small, 1,000-acre plot of land in Salisbury County.

The property is now known as the Grant Farm. 

“We have the ability to do what we want,” said Peggy Grant, Bill’s wife.

“We have a very good plan for what we’re going to do, but we can’t control everything that’s going on in the world.

We have to make sure that the land and the land management works.” 

The Grant family farm is named for the late, legendary West Virginia farmer, Grant and Nancy Grant.

In 1948, Bill and Peggy Grant purchased the small 1,500-acre property and named it the Grant and Bill Grant Farm, and it was one of several small plots of land they had in the area.

The land had been given to them by their family’s forefather, Bill (Barry) Grant, who had bought it in 1928 for $25.

The first acre of the farm was donated to the family by the family as a gift from his family, but the Grant farms continued to grow and prosper until the mid-1960s. 

Bill and Peggy have been farming since 1938 and have grown the family from a family farm that they owned, to the countrys first family farmer.

They have grown over 1,700 acres of farmland, and in 2013, they bought their second, 300-acre parcel of land from a county land trust and started a new family farm.

The three-acre, 300, and 500-acre farms were each developed as a farm, with each farm producing a good-quality crop and providing income for the family. 

In 2018, the family purchased the Grant property for $300 million, and they have invested over $10 million in new equipment, a new irrigation system, and new equipment to grow crops.

The new irrigation equipment includes an artificial pond system, which helps to maintain the farm’s soil quality. 

 The new irrigation is one step in the Grant farming plan to create an improved quality of soil and improve the quality of the water in the watershed.

The irrigation system was purchased through a partnership between the county and the Grant Foundation.

The water in and out of the pond system was provided by the state of West Virginia through the West River Water System, a water supply utility in the county.

The system supplies approximately 2.5 million gallons of water a day to the Grants family and neighboring towns and cities.

The plan is to install an irrigation system in the spring and then install a water pumping system in 2019.

The current system uses a pump and a water tank, and this is being replaced with a new system that has an improved water treatment and filtration system, a more efficient pump, and a new water supply line. 

As part of the project to upgrade the water system, the farm has begun to install new, higher-efficiency pumps, which will provide greater efficiency for the pump and water supply system. 

One of the new pumps that is being installed is the new Water Pump.

This pump is an improved version of the pump that the

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